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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Sun Oct 11, 2009 9:07 pm

Renegade Ragnarok Online Welcomes You

If this terms are not followed, We, the staff members will not hesitate to delete your account under these circumstances.

1. Do not hack,bot or use any kind of third party programs to help your gameplay in Renegade Ragnarok Online.

2. Respect our Staffmembers as well as other players ingame, its really important to give a helping hand and create a nice community.

3. Do not ask any Staffmember for making you a Staffmember, giving you items/zeny or any other that only Staffmembers can do. For questions/support please use our forums/email to

4. Do not advertise for any online activities in our community. This is a Ragnarok Online Gaming server, please enjoy the gameplay.

5. When purchasing/donating in Renegade Ragnarok Online, you will not get any refund after the payment and the item is shipped to you.

Always remember, do not give out your Account Information to ANYONE in our community or outside our community! Please keep them for youself!

Thank you..
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Server Rules
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